Memorandum of Understanding on the Suppression of Human Trafficking

The Republic Public Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Serbia and the NGO Atina, in partnership with the French Embassy in Serbia, have signed today a Memorandum of Understanding on mutual co-operation in the suppression of human trafficking. The Memorandum provides for the co-operation of the signatories regarding the data collection and exchange of information in human trafficking cases, as well as regarding the work on prevention and advancement of the rights of human trafficking victims.

The Memorandum of Understanding was signed by Zagorka Dolovac, the Republic Public Prosecutor, Marijana Savić, the Head of the NGO Atina and the French Ambassador, His Excellency, François- Xavier Deniau.

The main goals of the RPPO and the NGO Atina are the increased level of quality of services aimed at the human trafficking victims, as well as a higher degree of the observance of their rights. In addition to the improvement of the status and the protection of the victims’ rights before the courts, the goal is to increase efficiency of the court proceedings, to improve consistency in criminal prosecution and secure adequate sentencing of the perpetrators.

This co-operation is also going to secure exchange of information and experiences and provide models of good practices in the human trafficking cases, as well as provide information to the staff of the judicial authorities on the specific aspects of the issues related to human trafficking.

In the fight against human trafficking, including the trafficking of children, the signatories pledge to participate in joint activities in order to increase the efficiency of resolving human trafficking cases.

Date: 29.10.2013.

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